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Sunday, May 20, 2012

10 Awesome Inventions of 2011

10 Awesome Inventions of 2011

Inventions make our world move. We all need them, we all use them, they are the little engine that helps the human race to advance. The human brain, designed to ask questions, to research and to observe, pushes us further and further on the road of evolution. Every year, enthusiastic inventors expose their creations at the exhibitions which are specially created for them. These self-named innovators are, most of them, eccentric persons that expose funny, weird things with no application. However, sometimes, amazing things come out of their hands. These are the 10 best inventions of 2011.

1. The straddling bus

straddling 1
This is the bus of the future, created to ease traffic, in a world which becomes more and more crowded. This bus is as high and as wide as to permit cars to drive under it. The straddling bus is not only functional but also attractive and futuristic. It is economica as welll because it uses sun panels placed on the roof. These buses are designed to transport up to 1200 persons and the cost of building one of them, together with the required equipment should be 10 times smaller than that of creating a subway line on the same distance.

2. Dynamically Glare-blocking LCD Sunglasses

These glasses are meant to stop sunlight from disturbing us while driving. Apparently, Chris Mullin was annoyed by the glare which gave him headaches during his daily travel to work and back home. This is when he came with the idea of creating a pair of sunglasses using a unique electronic screen to stop sunlight. This is made out of liquid crystals which are as seen through as any ordinary glass, but its properties may be modified according to the inventor’s desire. In addition, a sensor detects the intense light and instantly sends message to a microcontroller on its location. Further, the liquid crystal acts so as to block the glaze, without modifying visibility.

3.The Medical Mirror

medica mirror
Ming Zher Poh, an electrical- and medical-engineering graduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is the mastermind that designed the software which allows medics to check for vital signs or help people with a cardiovascular problem to control their health regularly. The patient only needs to stand in front of this special mirror and his heart rate will be displayed on top of his reflection.

4. The Print Brush

print brush
This device was designed by Alex Breton, an engineer in Stockholm, Sweden for a rubber-stamp company. He called his gadget ‘Print Brush’. The smart printer is able to upload images and text from the computer and then print it on any flat surface and a large range of textures: paper, plastic, wood or fabric. This wasn’t easy to achieve: It took a lot of work, more than 10 years and a large team of experts to transform the prototype into a very precise new tool.

5. The armored sleeve

armour sleeve
This high tech gadget may allow police officers to fight crimes more efficiently. The armour sleeve is equipped with a high voltage stunner, a video camera and a laser pointer which should discourage burglars to become aggressive. The designer of this glove is David Brown, a cameraman, needed 7 years and designed 30 models of the glove before finding the right combination of comfort, ease of use and security.

6. The Formaldehyde testing system

6. Formaldehyde testing
The device won the silver medal at the Geneva 2011 exhibition of inventions. It was designed by a team from the Institute of Textiles and Clothing, led by prof. Jinlian Hu and it can be used by anybody. The tester is small and user friendly and it is a response to the recent increase in the population’s interest for this substance and its effects on the health. This system allows all of us to check the level of Formaldehyde quickly and precisely, in textile and other objects, such as furniture or walls.

7. Google Prius

google software
Google is testing these days, on Toyota Prius , a software which should allow cars to drive themselves. Apparently, before the actual trip of the intelligent car, a specialist drives along the chosen streets and collect data regarding circulation signs and all the other difficulties. It is only then that the Google Prius starts its drive. However, not by itself; on the driver’s seat, there is a trained person who must take control if needed. Moreover, on the co-pilot seat, there is another expert who permanently verifies the software’s functioning and application. This system, if efficient, should reduce the number o car accidents to a great extent.

8. Terrafugia Transition

This is world’s first flying car. It was designed by students, at MIT and it was developed by a small American company, called Terrafugia. Though the concept of the car was invented in 2006, when it was also rewarded, the first aircraft is about to be released, this is year. It seems that it can be used both as an aircraft and as a car, due to the ability of folding its wings. The driver, or the pilot, depending on how you put it, will need 20 flying hours to learn how to keep this beauty in the sky ad will be able to buy it at a price starting from $ 194,000.

9. The Kymera body board

kymers boody board
The Kymera was designed by Jason Woods out of necessity: his sky boat was too heavy and too large and could not be transported and stored easily. This is why he came with the idea of inventing his own watercraft, as light and easy to transport as possible. He finally came up with this design, auctioned by a hybrid electric-propane four-stroke engine and it weights 15 kg only.Put it on the roof of your car and you can head to the water!

10. Martin Jet Pack

jet pack
This device is another this year’ invention which, if effective, will revolutionise the idea of travelling…light! The design was created by Glenn Martin and it is scheduled for release at the end of this year. Apparently, it still needs some work to be done. However, more than 2500 persons have already reserved the gear and are anxiously waiting for Martin to finish working on his jet pack.
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