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Monday, May 28, 2012

Amazing Medical Facts of the Body-Part 17

Amazing Medical Facts of the Body-Part 17
321. Goose bumps on our skin are caused by pull of muscles attached to hair follicles and make the hair upright.
322. The color of our hair is also determined by the melanin, a pigment present in the human body.
323. The human adult heart pumps about 4,000 gallons of blood each day.
324. The human body contains 30 amazing hormones, which regulates activities like sleep, body temperature, hunger, and managing stress in times of crisis and so on.
325. A person growth like being tall or short is not determined only by the genes. Growth hormone also is responsible for it.
326. Red Blood Cells constitutes about 40 % of the blood.
327. The human body makes 2.5 million Red Blood Cells every second or about 200 billion Red Blood Cells every day.
328. Arterial blood contains a lot of oxygen and nutrients for the body whereas venous blood contains low oxygen level and nutrients.
329. Red Blood Cells are the only cells in the body that do not have a nucleus.
330. If the blood vessels were laid from end to end, they would reach around the world four times.
331. On an average, the human growth hormone, which is responsible for a person growth is produced at the rate of 500 microgram per day at the age of twenty, 200 microgram per day at the age of fourty and 25 microgram per day at the age of eighty.
332. It is estimated that there are over 1, 000,000,000,000,000 connections in the human brain.
333. Human brain constitutes 60 % of white matter and 40 % of grey matter.
334. The average length of the human brain is about 167 mm and its average height is 93mm.
335. A human heart pumps about 1,314,000 gallons of blood a year through its blood vessels.
336. There are about 30 - 40 billion white blood cells present in our body to fight against infective and foreign organisms.
337. The human bladder can stretch to hold about 400ml of urine.
338. All the blood in our body passes 400 times through each kidney per day.
339. The human Liver consists of 100,000 tiny clusters called lobules.
340. On an average, the human stomach holds about 2 liters of contents.


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